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Let's learn the basics of programming!

9-12 years



Number of classes per semester

2 semesters

Course duration

Full price


For the semester, 15 lessons 1.5 h

Payment in installments


(Monthly payment)

What will we study in the course?

Here are the basic skills and knowledge that the child will master during the course:

  • We work with a primitive С-shaped programming language
  • We study the basic elements of programming in a visual environment
  • Getting to know the basic types and data structures

More details about the course:

In this department, students are introduced to a primitive programming language with a syntax close to real programming languages, which is an important step in the learning process. Moreover, during the course, children become thoroughly familiar with the basic concepts in programming and control structures.

Also, as part of the course, children will use the basics of geometry: point, angle, segment to solve graphic problems. Introduction to mathematical functions: modulus, rounding, powers, square root, factorial.

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